The Music Shop, InvernessTrusted with over 25 years experience, The Music Shop offers a quality and friendly service with competitive prices. Stocking a wide range of instruments, also on offer are loads of  accessories, gifts and the Norths largest selection of Sheet Music.

The Music Shop is proud to be able to offer their exclusive FREE setup and servicing guarantee on all their stringed instruments.

There’s an assumption that all instruments are ready to play out of the box- they’re not!If you want them to play properly, play in tune, and be enjoyable to play, they need to be  ‘set-up’ . Sadly, most online retailers and many ‘bricks and mortar’ stores don’t or simply can’t offer this service to their customers.

Well, we do! So have a look round our website and then why not give us a call or visit us today. If you can’t manage into the shop you can also keep up to date with what’s going on at shop by liking us on Facebook.
The Music Shop

breedlove_pursuit_concert_kk_pursuit_12_string_acoustic_electric_guitar_1240966 FOCUS ON ACOUSTICS

We stock a wide range of acoustic and electro acoustic guitars, steel and nylon strung,  suitable for all abilities and styles. Our guitars start from under £50, and for the American made Breedlove acoustics you can pay nearer to £1500. Whichever guitar you choose to buy, we make sure it’s playing to it’s best. Ever guitar will spend time on our guitar tech’s bench to be set up. And there’s no need to worry if you need it adjusted in the future, as all our guitars come with  TWO YEARS FREE SERVICING WARRANTY. Give the shop a call if you have any problems and we can fix the problem in store, no need to send it away to get it repaired.

Among the brands of guitars we sell are Yamaha, Freshman, Ibanez, Fender, Seagull, Takamine and Breedlove. These are all quality brands which cover many different shapes, colours and qualities of guitars.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we are able to order it, usually arriving in  just a few days.

One of the most recent additions to our range of acoustic guitars is the American company Breedlove. The company started out in the 80’s by Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, and has gone from strength to strength.

The Breedlove guitars of today are painstakingly designed in Bend, Oregon, utilizing exclusive design elements like contemporary body shapes, handcrafted necks, the Breedlove bridge truss system, exotic tonewoods, and stunning inlays to deliver a look and sound that is completely unique to the Breedlove brand. Play one and you’ll instantly get it: From an entry level Passport to a Kim Breedlove Signature Master Class, the distinctively crafted sound of a Breedlove will take your art to new heights.

If you’re not looking for a new guitar, then we usually have a range of used guitars to try.  However, if you were looking to upgrade, then we’re always happy to take your old guitar as a part exchange, although you can also keep hold of your guitar, as you can never have enough guitars!