TC Electronics Rottweiler £49

USED GEAR : The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion pedal is, as it’s name suggests, a biting, snarling, growling high grit and high gain distortion with high (treble) and low (bass) active EQ controls. The distortion is all analog soft clipping with an assymetric waveform meaning you can finally get tube amp sounds in a compact pedal! The voicing switch allows a midrange scoop that takes the tone from full on in your face Marshall-esque brute force distortion to modern scooped Mesa-esque tones that beg for drop tuning sand paml muted chugging metal riffs. What ever flavour of gain you’re after you’ll find it in the hugely gritty TC Electronic Rottweiler.

The TC pedal is unboxed, and comes with our 90 Day Warranty.

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