Orange Rocker 30 £399

USED GEAR : Great, clean Pre-Owned example of this world class tube amp:

The Rocker 30 is the amplifier that so many have asked for. This amplifier was built to be practical, but to also be the best sounding small combo you’ve ever played!

If you’re looking for warm, thick, cranked British tone with some huge midrange punch and responsive clarity, this is the amp for you. This amp is solid and handles everything you can throw at it. Its simple, sounds amazing, and looks great.

The Orange Rocker 30 is a two channel, 30 watt Class A valve head. The Natural channel has a master volume and that’s it. The Dirty channel features a master volume, gain, and 3 control EQ. Classic Orange graphics for every function. No effects loop, but that makes the circuit simpler and more direct. Highly versatile, everything from blues to classic rock to 80’s thrash to hardcore. 30 watts in Class A is loud and powerful. This amp has2 x 6CA7EH Electro Harmonix O/P tubes and 3 x E83CC P/A Tubes and due to the nature of Class A amps, they are self-biasing. No adjustments to bias necessary. This amp is all about simplicity. 

Comes with our 90 Day Warranty.

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